Blue Scorpio

Blue Scorpio, with its zesty bouquet and sea-swept grassy notes, is an odyssey for the senses.

A complex, almost effervescent blend of notes make up Blue Scorpio Gin. The predominant note is juniper, balanced by the wild sage that grows on the slopes of the Monti Aurunci, with a burst of handpicked lemons from Capri. It starts out smooth, delicate and refreshing, with slightly herbacious notes.  

Notes of aniseed, lemon and pepper linger on the palate.

A savvy blend of 12 carefully selected botanicals evokes the flavours and aromas of the Mediterranean.

Use Blue Scorpio Gin in a classic gin & tonic. Or raise your game with a Negroni!

To better capture the notes, this fabulous gin can also be drunk neat.

500 ml / 40° vol

€ 45,00 

Oaked Scorpio 

Oaked Scorpio is a Blue Scorpio aged on French oak. This gin, which meets the same quality requirements, is produced from the same botanicals in a process that our master distiller De Cort has the secret to, which gives it its smoothness, intensity and depth. 

Round and delicate, it surprises with fresh and intense notes of caramel, vanilla and roasted hazelnuts. Full and coating, the wood gives depth and importance to juniper and sage.

Oaked Scorpio wins double gold at the World Spirit Trophy 2023!

500 ml / 40° vol

€ 49,00 

Naked Scorpio 0% 

Naked Scorpio 0% alcohol - No added flavors or extracts - No sugar - No preservatives or food acids - Naturally allergen free

The Naked, with its fragrant notes reminiscent of gingerbread, but also the freshness of lemon and the herbaceous and iodized side of sage, will give you an intoxicating and unsuspected pleasure.

Irresistible in Gin & Tonic with basil leaves or in a mocktail. To be enjoyed without moderation! 

500 ml / 0 % alcohol

€ 32,00