Marine-tinged herbs growing wild on the slopes of the Monti Aurunci south of Rome

Fragrant lemons

Sun-kissed lemons handpicked on the isle of Capri


Small batches distilled by De Cort Distillery in an automatic copper still


Capri and Monti Aurunci

Blue Scorpio Gin is an exceptional product, a subtle blend of authentic ingredients selected with great care. Its savvy blend of 12 botanicals includes lemons of course; these are from a small producer on Capri, the famed island off the coast of Naples. But the blend also includes a lesser-known herb, a wild sage that derives its delicate flavour from the rocky soil of the Monti Aurunci. This mountain range, in an area protected by a regional nature park, juts up above the city of Formia, in the province of Lazio.

While the two star ingredients in Blue Scorpio Gin come directly from Italy, its distillation is purely the product of Belgian artisanal knowledge. The De Cort Distillery, located in Pepingen (Pajottenland), is a small family business where the importance placed on tradition is surpassed only by the master distiller’s passion. De Cort’s authentic copper still produces a very mild gin of the highest purity with no loss of flavour. Thus is Blue Scorpio Gin, a small-batch London Dry Gin distilled using an age-old technique, created.


Silver medals at the World Spirits Trophy 2022 and 2023 and at the Concours international de Lyon 2023.

Blue Scorpio has won two awards: silver at the World Spirits Trophy 2022, and silver at the Concours International de Lyon 2023 in the London Dry Gin category.

Here's what the jury had to say: "This medal testifies to the quality of your product and the care taken in developing it. It is proof that the competition jury has recognized it as one of the best in its category."

Double gold at World Spirits Trophy 2023

Oaked Scorpio is a Blue Scorpio aged on French oak. This gin, which meets the same high quality standards, is produced using a process that our master distiller De Cort has mastered, giving it its smoothness, intensity and depth. 

Round and delicate, it surprises with fresh and intense notes of caramel, vanilla and roasted hazelnuts. Full and coating, the wood gives depth and importance to juniper and sage.

Oaked Scorpio wins double gold at the World Spirit Trophy 2023!

Naked Scorpio O%  

The Scorpio family expands!

After Blue Scorpio, our flagship product, and Oaked Scorpio, aged on oak, our gin is now available in a 0% alcohol but 100% pleasure version: Naked Scorpio.

Naked Scorpio 0% is a distillate of eleven botanicals, including juniper berries, cinnamon, wild sage, lemon zest, cardamom, angelica root, licorice root and black pepper.

Naked Scorpio expresses all its aromatic complexity by sequentially delivering the intense scents of its selected ingredients.

We recommend it with a neutral or peppery tonic, or as a mocktail..


A splash of Italy!

Discover intense notes of juniper berries, coriander, angelica, elderberry, orange, lemon and sage... A splash of Italy in your glass!

  • juniper
  • coriander
  • angelique
  • lemon
  • sage
  • ...


Use Blue Scorpio Gin in a classic gin & tonic. Or raise your game with a Negroni!

But to best appreciate the heady notes of this fabulous gin, drink it neat.