Alessandro Di Sarno was born in 1975 in Capri, Italy. After graduating from the hotel school of Capri, he began his career as a waiter at the Quisisana, one of the most luxurious hotels on the island.

In 1997 he moved to Berlin where he gained experience in various Italian restaurants, including "Sale e Tabacchi" where he discovered a new kind of innovative and sophisticated Italian cuisine. In 2001 he was appointed manager of the restaurant "Malatesta" on the Gendarmenmarkt.

In 2005, Alessandro decided to use his knowledge to open his own business, the espresso-bar "Chocolaterie Manon" on the Friedrichstrasse in Berlin, near the Galeries Lafayette. The success is immediate.


In the summer of 2008, he participated in the TV show "Kochchampion", a competition in which 120 amateur cooks compete, and was ranked among the 16 best. This show will be broadcasted on the German channel "Vox" in May 2009.

In early 2009, he moved to Brussels with his family for professional reasons and decided to make his passion his profession: he became a home cook.

Over the years, as his love for cooking grew, Alessandro developed his own style, reinventing traditional dishes while daring to create daring combinations of tastes.

Its creative and refined cuisine adapts to your desires to offer you a festival of new and unexpected flavors.


Since the end of 2013, Alessandro collaborates with the company Mmmmh! where he offers public and private courses (team building). The range of courses is very varied: Italian cuisine of course, but also Belgian, Thai, Oriental, macaroon courses, pastry, ... Still in collaboration with Mmmmh, he participates in major events such as Cooking in the sky or Culinaria, takes on the role of jury for the TV contest "Top chef des téléspectateurs" and makes his first steps on the radio, in the program "Bientôt à table" on the Première.